Back in the Atmosphere

Oh. Oh hello. Do you–ah, you don’t even remember me! Understandable, it’s been so long, and despite an inflated sense of self-importance, I am just that forgettab–hmm? Who am I? Just call me “Unemployed and waiting with baited breath for answers on whether or not I will be getting into my first-pick PhD program”.

It’s a family name, don’t stare.

So I’m back in blog. Because I am tired, because I am bored, and because two hats, a scarf and a half scarf into my knitting frenzy, my hands are hurting a little. Not sure if I am back for the long haul–who knows? Someone might see through my overqualified resume and underqualified availability (no reliable transportation, may be moving away soon despite lack of said transportation) and actually GIVE ME A JOB. But I’m not holding my breath. How are YOU, reader? I hope the answer is “O.K., I guess” at the very least.


Well, I hate small talk.

Good day and good luck.




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